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Introduction It has been over a year since the first provisions of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL or the Act, 2010 S. 23 (Can.)) dealing with the sending of commercial electronic messages (CEMs) have come into force, and the effects upon Canadian businesses have been profound.As one of the world’s most rigorous anti-spam legislation, CASL has caused Canadian companies to examine the way in which they send electronic messages, including texts, sound, voice, and image messages (particularly in the marketing realm) and embark on compliance programs. (Cloudmark study) found that there was a 37 percent reduction in Canadian-based spam over the past year, but CASL was also perceived (and many still perceive) as having a negative impact upon Canadian competitiveness.(Major adversity, we smother in smoked meats.) Given three adjectives to describe me, most of my female friends would list “funny” as one of them.But I maybe make a man laugh once every other month.It has been learned that more than 790,724 unique email IDs, usernames and plaintext passwords have been compromised while the hacked website is displaying an “under maintenance” message when accessed.

However, with potentially high fines, Canadian companies, or any global entity that does business with them, cannot afford to ignore this legislation.

The article will also discuss those CASL cases to date that deal with CEMs and will end with some “best practice” guidance.

CASL’s Structure Although CASL first received royal assent in 2010, the first sections of the Act did not come into force until July 1, 2014, pending the creation of various clarifying regulations.

The website’s slogan read: “Life is Short- Have an Affair.” Agan Uzunovic is a Bosnian journalist who is working for the country's largest newspaper. Agan reports and writes for Hack Read on IT security related topics.

He has a keen interest in reporting on activism and hacktivism.

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