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Dating tips for parents

Notice what "dating" seems to mean to your child and then talk about it.Michelle Anthony, Ph D, a developmental psychologist and learning therapist in Denver, suggests an opening line like: “It sounds like a lot of kids are talking about dating now. ” If you can't tell what dating means to your kid, try discussing dating as shown on TV shows or in movies that are age-appropriate.Some daters may run when they hear the c-word, but that saves you wasting time with them.Be open and honest from the outset.”Freegard says: “When you do meet someone new you like - take it slow.It can be tempting, when you find a match, to rush into it headfirst because you miss that comfort of a relationship.

“But if he’s so uncomfortable that he gets angry or shuts down or otherwise just can’t continue the conversation, that’s a big sign that he’s not ready for this.” If so, assure your child that there’s no hurry to start dating.You're bound to meet new people who share your interests! As cliche as it might seem, it's an easy way for single adults to meet people without hitting the bar scene or going on awkward blind dates set up by friends. Yes, being a parent is your most important role, but that doesn't make mom jeans (or over-sized sweatshirts, or ratty t-shirts) acceptable.Test out a dating website for a month or two, and then take a break for a month or two if you're not into the people you're meeting. Ditch your parenting duds and put on something that will turn heads and lift your self-confidence.For instance, Atkins suggests asking your child why they think someone acted the way they did, and whether they made a good or healthy choice. It's your job, as their parent, to figure out if your child is ready to handle the level of dating they have in mind.Pay attention to how they respond when you start a conversation about dating.

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In my family, there’s an old saying that the teenagers will always come home safe and sound and on time from a date because they know daddy’s waiting on the front porch with a shotgun.

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