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The topic has also been covered by country artists, including the [artist id="501687"]Dixie Chicks[/artist], who took a kitschy, "Thelma & Louise" approach in their "Goodbye Earl" clip, in which the battered woman gets her revenge for landing in intensive care after a beating.

In the video for 2002's "Family Portrait," Pink and her childhood doppelgänger relive the chaos and drama of "growing up in World War III" by trying to remember the good times, but not lingering on images of abuse.

Domestic abuse laws include enhanced penalties to help prevent abusive behavior from escalating.

Offenders face tougher charges for strangling or burning a dating partner and in some cases are forbidden to possess a gun.

“He’ll find out when I pull the trigger.” Like the other songs on Lambert’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, “Gunpowder & Lead” presents her as a kick-ass chick with a hair-trigger temper—definitely not the type an abusive man should come home to when he makes bail.

Whether that shot gets fired at his hide or in the air, chances are he’ll get the message. Martina Mc Bride, “Independence Day”Marrying patriotism and pre-emptive strike, Martina Mc Bride’s 1994 hit is narrated by an 8-year-old girl whose mother burns down the family house with her husband still in it.

Blige[/artist] on 2006's "Runaway Love" showed teenage runaways who fled their homes after abuse at the hands of their stepdads and mothers' boyfriends, who also laid hands on their mom.

Scroll down to see how musicians confront this complex and troubling subject, and for more information, visit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Only some victims of domestic violence in Louisiana have gotten protection under state law: opposite sex couples who are married, living together or have children together.

But after two votes by the Senate Tuesday (May 30), "dating partners" and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are being added to the list. Helena Moreno's House Bill 223 to cover people who have or had an intimate relationship but who don't live together.

The clip for [artist id="1165858"]Ashanti's[/artist] 2003 song "Rain on Me" also depicted the seesaw battle between intense love and physical violence, as the singer moved from hugging and holding hands with her video boo to using makeup to cover the bruises and scars after their altercations.

Similarly, [artist id="961097"]Ludacris'[/artist] collabo with [artist id="854"]Mary J.

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That is a major victory for victim advocates who have tried for years to get dating partners covered under the domestic violence battery law.