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Dating women with baggage

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The woman who carries past experiences with her has learned not to judge your past because she truly understands what it means to grow up and learn from past mistakes.

If you date a woman with baggage, she will have learned how to let go of the experiences that do not serve her, thus making her stronger when more things start to pile on.

Even if she's not talking about you, she probably will as soon as you're not in front of her. Do the next girl a favor and tell her it's not a good look, but don't waste your time trying to reform her. If this is the case, you may want to look deeper into this. Keep your options open at this point, because she probably is. If her accusations are really out of left field, then she may be projecting her guilty conscience on you, which means she's accusing you of doing what she's done in the past or what she's doing now. If you're wondering this, she probably is using you. Have you ever dated someone who made you feel more lonely when you were with her than when you were actually alone?

This is always followed up with some conversation about how their ex was crazy, and “girl drama is the worst drama.”Yada, yada, yada.

My first reaction thought about this is wondering how exactly they intended to find a girl “without drama.”Girls definitely have more flair for the dramatics in life, especially in our 20s.

You can be sure that almost any woman you've met in your life has had her share of hurt from relationships before meeting you, unresolved issues from the past and are possibly even still reeling from the negative effects of past problems.

You wouldn't be far-fetched for thinking this can even include things like sexual and physical abuse.

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So now that you've met the woman of your dreams but can't seem to shake the doubt that there's more to her than meets the eye, here's your first step to dealing with her possible emotional baggage--identifying if she has any at all.

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