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Does omarion and rihanna dating

While the two friends were in town last week recording their December 4 joint LP, Face Off, they enjoyed some loud laughs when asked about their love lives — both current and defunct. "If I throw it at you, can you throw that a-- back? "We're going to make them respect our grind and our hustle, the both of us," Bow promised. They know it's in me to become one of the hottest MCs.

First it was Bow, answering the question about Ciara, the muse for his hit record "Outta My System" (see "Bow Wow Can't Get His Mind Off An Ex (Ciara? Of course he's seen the video for her "Can't Let Him Go" and heard the talk that she is supposedly dating 50 Cent now (see "Ciara Says She And 50 Cent Are Not An Item"). They know it's in him to become one of the hottest R&B entertainers, period. We're gonna smack them upside the face." Seen a great show?

But now, it may be that little Megaa may not be the one to carry his bloodline legacy.

According to Black Media, Omarion’s mother has been spreading doubts that the baby doesn’t look like her son, saying he looks "biracial," mentioning that Apryl’s ex-boyfriend is Mexican (the baby DOES look different than O, but that’s none of our business, though.) However, all things being fair, Apryl looks to be biracial herself.

He even penned an open letter to the mother of his child, thanking her for carrying his legacy.The source added that Rihanna and Chris Brown could remain friends but it will be very impossible that the two will get back together romantically."Could they be friends, could they return and record with each other again?#ecstatic." In the video, Jones, a singer and songwriter, is heard saying, "Say hi Daddy…he's moving." Jones also wrote: "Hi daddy @1omarion another king is born.#greatestdad #New Mom." Its pretty safe to say that the two will be having a little boy.

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So is he salty that Fif may be getting with his ex-girl? He also said he's fine with her going out with anybody she wants to. "We go out, have dinner, lunch, little stuff like that. Nothing wrong with breakfast." He also urged us to "stay tuned" to see how that relationship develops. His fans want to know what the deal is with him and Rihanna. "That's my homegirl," O answered a little bit more seriously. We go out." So would it be fair to say they have a romantic relationship? MTV News wants your photos, videos and reports from all the latest concerts for our new You R Here community.