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More than 60 Freeview digital channels and up to 12 HD channels are there for you to choose from and record.Until 2013, it was possible to watch ESPN by installing a CAM into your TV.This slot is known as a CI slot, or Common Interface slot, and it’s designed to accept a CAM, which will allow you to get a subscription TV service, such as ESPN.

To watch ESPN (together with BT Sport), consider getting You View from BTMore details at com/youview.A smart card (or ‘viewing card’) slots into the module (called a CAM, or Conditional Access Module), and the whole combination unlocks the paid content.So, in theory, if you have a TV with a CI slot, or a similarly equipped Freeview recorder, all you’d need is an appropriate CAM, together with a viewing card from Top Up TV, and you’d be able to watch Sky Sports 1 and 2 using your existing equipment.Ofcom ruling Last week, an Ofcom decision was reported, in terms which suggested Ofcom was refusing to allow a ‘blocking’ or ‘spoiler’ move by Sky against Top Up TV.Many have assumed that this has given a green light to the use of CAMs to receive the Sky channels on equipment of users’ choice, just as they can be used to receive the ESPN sports channel at present.

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