Lenovo bios updating tools

Posted by / 27-Jan-2016 02:39

The problem is that although these strings of values are documented, these values differ between models of Lenovo computers; and some settings that are not of the simple enable\disable\Boolean type are not documented well enough.If you were to, say, mistype the boot order and feed it to the setbiossetting, it would simply fail.

There is no need to install a bootloader on the usb drive.In essence, there’s a lenovo_biossetting WMI object which has a setbiossetting method that Lenovo expects you to use.You are supposed to feed the setbiossetting method strings of text, with each string representing a configurable BIOS setting.In this instance, the feature is being used to push Lenovo Service Engine (LSE) software (usually preinstalled on Lenovo systems) to computers.This is a collection of 'anti-theft' and 'system optimization' software which would be classed by many people as junk.

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Lenovo says that the issue only affects systems produced before June this year, but the company did not stop distributing its LSE bundle in response to complaints about stealth installations.