Spencer and stephanie pratt dating dating online in washington state for

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Spencer and stephanie pratt dating

Spencer's clashes with the other boys also came to the foreground, most notably with Andy Jordan, but also Francis Boulle and briefly even best friend Jamie Laing in the third series.

Spencer also went on to date and cheat on Lucy Watson, Stephanie Pratt and Lauren Frazer-Hutton throughout the fifth to ninth series, cementing a negative 'lothario' reputation within and outside of the show, and returning to his bachelor ways, dating a string of girls.

In February of this year, in an exclusive chat with Daily Star Online, Stephanie shared that the Celebrity Big Brother couple were "ready" to start a family.

In 2014, Stephanie entered the Celebrity Big Brother house for the fourteenth series as a housemate.

Stephanie Pratt was a long term relationship with Jason Peterson in 2005 but the two did not continue their relationship and broke up in 2007.

No one wanted to see them happy – they didn't even live in that apartment! In 10 years I've still never seen them actually fight." "We had so much fun and didn't ever want to fight, but it meant the producers couldn't do their job.

"We used to sit at restaurants having massive arguments, yelling at each other, and when they said 'cut' we'd be like, ' What are you doing later? '" In fact, so deep were the friendships forged on the show that Stephanie still keeps in touch with the cast.

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"I still see Lauren whenever I’m in LA and talk to Lo [Bosworth] and Audrina [Patridge] and Kristen [Cavallari] once in a while.