Validating the mna

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Elderly patients with chewing or swallowing disorders (i.e.

those requiring mashed or pureed foods) are at risk of malnutrition, and evaluating their nutritional status with the MNA -SF is an excellent tool for mandatory nutrition screening of elderly participants in government-funded nutrition programs (congregate meals sites, meals on wheels, etc.).

The criteria were developed using 15-year mortality in community-dwelling older persons ≥ 65 years (Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam, difficulties climbing staircase); and (3) no undernutrition (others).

Respective hazard ratio’s for 15-year mortality were: (1) 2.22 (95% CI 1.83–2.69); and (2) 1.57 (1.22–2.01) ((3) = reference). Comparable results were found stratified by sex, excluding cancer/obstructive lung disease/(past) smoking, using 6-year mortality, and applying results to the In CHIANTI study (hazard ratio’s 2.12 and 2.46, AUC 0.59).) for determining (risk of) undernutrition in community-dwelling older persons shows good face validity and moderate predictive validity based on the consistent association with mortality in a second independent study sample.

is a very useful tool for assisted living facilities where routine nutrition screening and assessment is not currently in place, yet maintenance of functional status is important to prevent transfer to a more expensive nursing home setting.

Selection of potential anthropometric and undernutrition-related items was based on consensus literature.

Early detection of those at risk of malnutrition can lead to early intervention which is more cost effective.

Adapting the MNA has not been validated as a screening tool for the entire age span found in most acute care hospitals.The estimated areas under the receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curves suggested a clinically negligible difference between the two indices.The mortality prediction represents a key factor in the managing of elderly hospitalized patients.Validity refers to the extent to which a tool actually measures a trait.Does the tool actually assess what it purports to measure?

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A validated tool detects those who truly have the condition.

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