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Who is brittny gastineau dating

- Luis Miguel may keep is personal life private, but his ex Aracely Arambula has no problem with setting the record straight about their relationship.The telenovela star recently opened up about her lawsuit against Luismi in the state of California demanding him to spend more time with their two sons, Miguel and Daniel.In fact, Disick is still a cast member on In the first season finale, he proposes to Kourtney — who turns him down.July 2012: Scott and Kourtney's daughter, Penelope, is born.But, these ladies must have their uses, or else why would they be able to live such a high and pampered lifestyle? The strongest feature of her otherwise bland personality is her strong sense of personal entitlement. Whoever pays for that stuff, it does keep the economy moving! Would the rest of us be charged extra to cover the costs to the hotel?

November 2013: Scott's mother, Bonnie, dies suddenly at age 63.

In 2015, Phelps became engaged to his fiancee of just over two years, Nicole Johnson.

The two just had their first child together in May 2016.

September 2014: Scott doesn't come home to Kourtney after she informs him that she's pregnant with their third child.

He confesses that he's "so angry" about losing both of his parents at such a young age.

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